Exclusive: Lenovo also working on a 5-inch Android tablet, because pockets need love too

No matter how tempting the specs on Lenovo's leaked 10.1-inch tablet are, you might prefer something fairly more portable just for the sake of your regular pockets. Well, it looks like Lenovo's got you covered, too. Freshly delivered from the same anonymous tipster are a stash of photos depicting a dual-core 5-inch Android tablet, which will apparently be marketed under the usual LePad brand in China as well as an upcoming IdeaTab brand for elsewhere (to help differentiate tablets from the IdeaPad laptop line).

Not much else is known about this device, but the photos below do show a micro-USB port, HDMI output, a front-facing camera and presumably three capacitive buttons (which could mean it won't be launching with Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich). There's a strong resemblance to the Dell Streak 5 here if you ask us, though despite the earpiece-like feature next to the front camera, our source couldn't confirm whether this tablet packs voice call capability (like the Galaxy Note and Pantech Vega No.5). Anyhow, stay tuned as we dig for more info.