LG holding 'exclusive launch event' on December 1st, Nitro HD the likely suspect

In case you were wondering why LG hasn't been making huge waves in the US this holiday season yet, it appears we now know the reason. The company just sent us a nice invite in the form of electronic mail, detailing an exclusive launch event on the evening of December 1st (next Thursday). LG was trying to play coy by not leaving any clues in the image, but fortunately it left the name of the image file easily seen by our prying eyes: LG Nitro. The Nitro HD has long been rumored to be the Optimus LTE for AT&T and another name for the P930, which was referenced in an XML file as having a 1,280 x 720 HD display. Sounds great, but we never know for sure until it happens -- after all, we could be introduced to a $50 prepaid T-Mobile phone exclusive to 7-11. Anyone want to place bets?