Mythos returns as Mythos Global, closed beta starting December 1st

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|11.22.11

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Mythos returns as Mythos Global, closed beta starting December 1st
Mythos Global
Is Mythos truly becoming the game that would never die? It might appear so, as this twice-nixed title is being rezzed for another go-around with players. Will this prove to be the success where others have failed?

While Frogster's European version of the game was recently canceled, Hanbitsoft and T3Fun are bringing it back as Mythos Global and are already gearing up for a four-day closed beta test next month. The test will commence on December 1st through the 5th, with keys going out through various media outlets in the near future. Hanbitsoft has plans for more extensive beta tests along with related in-game events.

The Mythos Global website is now open with a place to sign up for the closed beta, unsullied forums for potential players to discuss the game, and an awe-inspiring copyright notice. Truly, you'll want to break out your Print Screen key just for the occasion. The game also has a more informative Facebook page with plenty of screenshots and videos for the taking.
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