Terahertz wireless chip could deliver 30Gbps of bandwidth, stream uncompressed 4K video

Usually, when we start talking terahertz, it means one thing: lasers! But not today, friends. Today, we're talking something with a little less flash and a little more potential for everyday use. ROHM, a Japanese electronics component manufacturer, has developed a chip measuring just 1.5mm by 3mm that can transmit data at up to 1.5Gbps using those precious terahertz radio waves. That's both significantly smaller and faster than existing terahertz wireless experiments and the research teams at ROHM and Osaka University (who are collaborating on the project) believe they can scale the tech up to 30Gbps -- enough bandwidth to stream HD video to every room in your home, provided you don't live in a 200 room mansion. Perhaps most exciting though, producing these chips costs only a few hundred Yen, while earlier versions saw prices hovering at around several thousand. For a few more technical details check out he machine translated PR at the source.