Domino's Pizza Hero iPad app coaxes you to design a pie, order one shortly thereafter

If the idea of pinching, zooming and tapping on your iPad is far less appealing than kneading, sprinkling and cutting, then the Domino's Pizza Hero iPad app may just be right up your alley. Putting aspiring pizza makers to the test, the game challenges players to assemble a pie as quickly as possible for points. Once you've passed levels one through five, affectionately nicknamed "Pizza School," other players will get a chance to rate your performance -- ultimately making or breaking your pizza career. If concocting virtual pies was enough to make you hungry, fear not famished souls as the app let's you order the real deal direct from your iPad -- now that's amore. Check out the gallery and video after the break.%Gallery-140086%
Dante Cesa contributed to this report.