The Analogue CMVS: A $649 wooden Neo Geo for the gamer who has everything

Christmas is approaching faster than three elves tapped together and ridden down a hill like a bobsled, so if you're the kind of person who truly and unconditionally loves a gamer who has everything, consider the Analogue CMVS Slim as an appropriately expensive classy way to convert currency into affection.

Standing for "Consolized MVS," the Analogue CMVS Slim contains the motherboard used in SNK's MVS arcade cabinets, rather than the AES (Advanced Entertainment System) motherboards used in the original Neo Geo home console. This means that the system accepts ROM cartridges intended for those arcade cabs, which are radically less expensive and easier to find than AES cartridges.

Smaller than the original CMVSes we covered last spring, the "Slim" is available in your choice of walnut or "ebonized ash," and is compatible with every Neo Geo arcade stick ever made, according to the company's PR. If you don't have any Neo Geo sticks lying around, however, Analogue Interactive will make you one to match your handcrafted console.

The CMVS Slim is available at the company's store for the original Neo Geo's asking price of $649; arcade sticks are sold separately for $199 each. So! Assuming you can find an MVS cart for King of Fighters '94 for less than $50, your (exceedingly) loved one can enjoy the 90's arcade experience for just over a thousand dollars. You could also buy an actual MVS arcade cabinet for that much, but hey, what do we know.%Gallery-140323%