Sony 4K home cinema projector coming in January for £18,000

You were so happy with that 1080p projection spread across your garage wall. But then you got up to fetch a beer and noticed horrible fingernail-sized pixels all over Johnny Depp's mustache. The illusion promptly shattered and you realized it was time for an upgrade. An £18,000 (£17,612) upgrade, no less, which will render your Blu-rays bearable again by upscaling them to four times the resolution of Full HD and blasting them out at 2,000 lumens. We've seen the VPL-VW1000ES in action with 2D content from a PS3 and its 'Reality Creation' upscaling algorithm really does make a big difference, but if you absolutely insist on having native 4K video then you'll currently need to budget an extra £40,884 for a player. (Well, you insisted.)