Crapgadget: 'you really shouldn't have' edition

Looking for a great gift for someone you love? Look no further than our extensive Holiday Gift Guides. Looking for a gift for someone for whom you harbor a strong sense of indifference or vague dislike? We've got your back with this installment of Crapgadget, featuring a security-enabled fanny pack, some suction cup speakers and a bedazzled bird.

Read - Here's one way to assure that your iPhone 4 never gets stolen: dress it up like an awful looking camera.
Read - USB speakers with suction cups on the back? Perhaps it's time to instate suckgadget.
Read - You'll never fly high with bedazzled wings. Yep, we featured a similar bird speaker before, but we figured this ornamentation deserved a second go 'round.
Read - It seems to us that wearing a fanny pack is its own built-in security system, but if you're still concerned about people nabbing something from your midsection, the Waist Pack with Built-in Personal Security Alarm can help.
Read- No need to chalk up your palms before the next round of PS3 gaming.