Lenovo trudging into the smart TV arena, plans LeTV launch in Q1 2012 (update: aka IdeaTV)

A Chinese company throwing French around in its product names. Right. Oddities aside, it looks as if the LePhone will soon have LeCompany -- Lenovo will be pushing out its first smart TV in the first quarter of 2012. The simply-titled LeTV will be an internet-connected display, but outside of that, hardly anything else is being made public. There are no launch regions specified, nor a screen size. We're presuming it'll attempt to tie into the greater "Lenovo Cloud," which will purportedly be similar to services already offered by the likes of Apple and Google, though users will be granted access to 200GB at first. Can't imagine too many folks opting for a Lenovo desktop, laptop, smartphone and television, but hey -- ecosystems are indeed all the rage these days.

Update: Our brethren over at Engadget Chinese also learned that LeTV will be branded as IdeaTV outside China (as pictured), though not much else was mentioned at the event.