Use your iPhone headset as a camera cable release

Professional photographers know that to take the best photos with the least amount of camera shake, they need to use a tripod mount and a cable release. That combination takes the movement of your body out of the equation when you're shooting photos. Now Cycomachead over at the Macworld Mac OS X Hints forum has figured out that every iPhone running iOS 5 comes with a cable release -- the headset.

You know how Apple added the ability in iOS 5 to use the volume up button (that plus sign you see in the photo above) on your iPhone as a shutter button for the Camera app? It works with the headset as well -- just plug in the headset, bring up the Camera app (or third-party Camera+ app), and when you squeeze the volume up button on the headset, you'll take a photo.

Cycomachead also notes that he can take bursts of photos more easily with the "cable release," and that some Bluetooth headsets can also be paired and used as wireless remotes for taking photos.

For iPhoneographers, using something like a Glif to hold the iPhone steady on a tripod and then using the headset as a cable release can result in some very steady shots. If TUAW readers are able to get their Bluetooth headsets to work for wireless shooting, please let us know what model headset you're using in the comments.