Daihatsu FC ShowCase concept: who doesn't want a 60-inch TV in a van?

Here's a funny one from the Tokyo Motor Show. Daihatsu's squarish concept EV van, dubbed the FC ShowCase, is basically a spacious four-seater packing plenty of goodies: a giant wing door, some blue lights on the wheels, an LED panel on the left skirt, side-view cameras instead of mirrors, a funky touch panel steering wheel, a small heads-up display and a 60-inch TV. And no, this isn't a mod from Pimp My Ride. According to one of the designers, the idea here is that the FC ShowCase acts as a mobile theater, which can keep travellers entertained while camping or fishing. With the seats folded down (except for the driver's seat, of course) on top of the 35kW solid polymer fuel cell stack, this vehicle also makes a great delivery van apparently, but don't expect FedEx to turn up at your door with Daihatsu's dream ride any time soon. Or ever. Video after the break.

Zach Honig contributed to this article.