Verizon Galaxy Nexus landing in Best Buy on December 11th?

The release dates we've been hearing for the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus have been all over the map. The latest rumors had it pegged for December 8th, and that still may be true for official Big Red shops, but now a source inside Best Buy is telling us the big box electronics retailer won't have them in stock until the 11th. The image above, supposedly taken from a Best Buy inventory system, lists the SCH-i515 as hitting the stock room on December 11th of 2011. What it doesn't list, however, is a street date. The phones could go on sale that day, or the next or a week later -- it's really all just guesswork without an official announcement. While the photos certainly seem legit, there are a few discrepancies that give us pause. Particularly, the lighter weight and thinner profile than what is listed on the Google specs page -- 9.34mm versus 9.47mm and 140g instead of 150. But, we're not writing this off as a fake just yet.

[Thanks, anonymous]