Verzo repackages Kinzo Android smartphone, offers lower prices in response to user feedback (video)

We've gotta hand it to Verzo. It's not every day that a manufacturer lowers the price of its flagship smartphone in explicit response to consumer feedback, yet that's exactly what the Americano Czech company has done today, with a new pricing and packaging scheme for its Kinzo Android handset. Previously marketed as a single, accessory-laden package for $459, the 4.3-inch device is now available in two bundles: the Verzo Kinzo Plus GPS, and the standard Verzo Kinzo pack. The former, priced at $384, includes offline navigation capabilities and a carholder, while the latter ($349) does not. According to the company, the prices are in effect as of now, and "will stay that way." Best of all, anyone who bought the Kinzo at its original price will now be able to recoup the difference, courtesy of Verzo. But don't take our word for it -- check out the above video to hear it straight from the source.