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Napster uses up another one of its lives, now fully merged with Rhapsody

The last dozen years have been quite the roller coaster ride for the Napster crew. The service, which became synonymous with music piracy not all that long after its launch in 1999, made more than its share of high profile enemies, ranging from the RIAA to Metallica. It would soon shut its doors for a first time, thanks to a number of legal challengers. Napster was later reborn as a legit music streaming service, but the beginning of the end for that incarnation was marked earlier this year when Rhapsody, one of the company's chief competitors, announced plans to acquire the service. Yesterday marked the end of the road for Napster again -- the service now fully merged with Rhapsody. Why not pay your respects by breaking out some of the mislabeled, decade-old MP3s that are no doubt lurking on an unused hard drive in the back of your closet?