Toshiba's 7-inch Thrive goes on sale a little early, insists it is very much alive

Just because haven't heard a peep from Toshiba about its smaller 7-inch slate since September, doesn't mean you can't find it on sale out there in the vast ether we like to call the internet. Discovered by a tipster shrewd enough to Google its model number -- "pda03u-005007" for those of you that don't speak Toshiba -- a bunch of oh-so-eager retailers are ready to trade you around $450 in exchange for the rubberized slate. Jiving with previous plans to go on sale in "early December," the 7-inch redux is thinner and lighter than its 10-inch brother, as it eschews the former's penchant for full-size USB and HDMI ports. Adventurous types seeking to meet the tablet can take the plunge at the links below, but be forewarned our tipster had to provide a business license just to complete the sale. Your mileage may vary, though there's always the option to await the Thrive's arrival through more official channels.

[Thanks, Kenneth]