Toshiba 55X3 4K 3DTV launches December 10th in Japan, no glasses necessary

Toshiba is finally ready to bring its 55-inch, 4K res 3DTV home in Japan, and buyers will have their first chance to part with 900,000 yen ($11,578 US) on December 10th. The 55X3 (ZL2 in Europe) still doesn't have a North American ship date, but we can still drool over its high res display and autostereoscopic (no glasses) 3D screen that adjusts for its viewers' location based on face tracking technology, although that results in a resolution drop down to 720p. Our last time getting eyes-on with a prototype panel was at CES and we probably won't see it again until we're back in Las Vegas in a few weeks, let's hope all that CEVO Engine technology Toshiba's plugged in for image processing makes it worth the wait... and the price.