Everything Everywhere's £1.5 billion investment to bring 4G to Orange and T-Mobile in the UK

So far there have been some limited LTE trials, but the truth remains: UK 4G isn't happening any time soon. A fact not lost on Everything Everywhere CEO Olaf Swantee, who's raiding the coffers to a tune of £1.5 billion to bring the Orange and T-Mo UK up to speed. Top of the shopping list, naturally, is the network equipment needed, in time for when the spectrum eventually gets auctioned off -- currently expected to be late 2012. The cash injection is part of a three-year investment, so don't expect that minty fresh network any time soon, but UK users can at least take refuge in knowing that Swantee, and his brace of providers, are pushing to bring old Blighty decent data rates sooner rather than later. That's if they've been given back in time.