Verizon rumored to be working with Redbox on its internet video streaming service

If you're still trying to make the pieces of the recent "Verizon is launching an over the top video service" rumor fit, perhaps the missing element is information detailed by TechCrunch suggesting Big Red is the unnamed partner aligned with Redbox's upcoming online video efforts. According to the rumor, the two would connect like Voltron, or, like Dish Network and Blockbuster -- without the whole falling into ruin, bankruptcy and eventual purchase part of the story -- for a subscription service offering movies for streaming and download to a variety of devices. Allegedly dubbed Project Zoetrope, it would launch this spring however unlike Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video's all-you-can-eat approach, its hook is described as a credit based system allowing a certain number of movies to be streamed or downloaded every month. It's all very sketchy at the moment, but Redbox has gone dark about its streaming plans and it's just about time we heard something there, so we'll add one more thing to keep our eyes and ears open for at CES in January.