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Fall Xbox 360 Dashboard update brings WTV file support, but don't get too excited

If you've actually heard of the WTV recorded TV file format, then you're probably a Windows 7 Media Center fan, and thus you're excited at any indication that Microsoft hasn't completely forgotten about you. That small gesture came this week with the new Xbox Dashboard update, but sadly it isn't much to get excited about. It's bad enough that it took Microsoft over three years to add support for WTV at all, but now it's here and it's one step above useless. Sure, you can play the files -- after waiting almost 30 seconds for them to load -- but you can't fast forward, rewind, skip around or even resume. The list of shows only displays the episode title and rather than the actual show name, and that's the only metadata you get. Speaking of the show title, that is also the only way to sort -- no folders or by date. So yeah, the new Dashboard supports WTV, but not in a way which actually makes it useful. Better than nothing, we guess.