Nintendo's 3DS slide pad gets unboxed in Japan, reveals massive 480 hour battery life

Now that Nintendo's 3DS slide pad is hitting shelves in Japan, it appears that Mr. Blurrycam managed to get in on one owner's early unboxing. Glance at the contents strewn about above and you'll notice what looks to be a copy of Monster Hunter, the secondary joystick-adding peripheral itself and an included wrist strap. According to Andriasang, the owner reports that the add-on is stated to last a whopping 480 hours on its single AAA battery (for the unit itself), which makes the thought of dealing with its screw-secured compartment sting a bit less. Folks in the US will still have to wait until February 7th to experience the slide pad for themselves, but in the meantime, you can hit the source links below for more insight.