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Chrome stable channel hits version 16, adds multi-user sync support (video)

Subscribers to the beta and dev channels of Google's browser have been enjoying the fruits of the company's syncing labor for sometime now. But, with the stable release of Chrome 16, the Mountain View crew is finally bringing those features to less adventurous users. An entry in the wrench menu offers you the option to "sign in to Chrome," automatically syncing your installed apps, extensions, bookmarks, browsing history and settings. But, if you've got more than one user sharing the same PC, you can keep your experiences separate and customized by adding new users from the "Personal Stuff" page in the options menu. Then you're just a couple of quick clicks on the user menu (that new icon in the upper left- or right-hand corner depending on your OS) away from alternating between sets of synced data. Head on after the break for a quick video demo.