Mango's live tiles get footloose and fancy free with Themes for Windows Phone 7 (video)

If you've freshly fallen off the Android bandwagon to fill your cup with Mango's nectar, chances are you're still coming to terms with a lack of customization. No longer, as Windows Phone Hacker has just released its Themes for Windows Phone 7 application that puts the power of the live tile into your very willing hands. The program, PC-only for now, applies user-selected images, icons, colors and transparencies to a preferred list of apps, nullifying the need for those pre-set accents. But before you rush to download the file, bear in mind this requires an unlocked handset. So, unless you've cozied up to ChevronWP7 with that $9, you'll just have to watch from the sidelines. Check out the tutorial after the break.