Microsoft launches SkyDrive app for Windows Phone and iPhone, forms No Androids Club

Microsoft's love affair with iOS isn't over yet. Hot on the heels of an iPad-supporting OneNote update and the App Store debut of Kinectimals, comes an official SkyDrive app for the iPhone. Of course, the Redmond crew isn't leaving its own handsets out in the cold. Windows Phone 7 is also getting an app to compliment its already rather deep integration with cloud storage service. Both apps sport, more or less, the same feature set: the ability to browse all of your files, share them with others, delete them and create new folders. When sharing links you can even choose whether or not a person can edit a document or simply view it. At least for now it appears that Android users who also happen to be SkyDrive fans will have to make do with the mobile web site. To see both the iPhone and WP7 versions of the app in action head on after the break.