Popcorn Hour bulks up for the C-300, can juggle an extra hard-disk or Blu-ray drive (video)

Some people may not be willing just yet to leave the world of physical media. Those circumspect media consumers may be intrigued by the latest Popcorn Hour box. Looking more substantial than the recent A-300, the C-300 model includes a 2.5-inch color TFT display at the front and packs space for both a quick-removable 3.5-inch HDD and an internal 2.5-inch SATA drive. A Blu-ray drive can also be mounted to the removable HD rack and you can expect support for the same plethora of file types we've come to expect from the Popcorn Hour family. Network options have been expanded, with a new built-in aerial supporting an optional Mini MII PCI WiFi N card. Syabas is already offering up a full UI walkthrough at the source below and you can take a peak at the C-300's built-in app market in action right after the break.