Qualcomm loads Ice Cream Sandwich on Snapdragon S4 tablet, fills our hearts with Liquid

Qualcomm's souped-up Snapdragon S4 Liquid mobile development platform (MDP) tablet just got a major Android boost, in the form of a 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. The maxed-out MDP tablet, which boasts such specs as an on-die LTE modem, dual 1080p cameras and more sensors than you can shake an accelerometer-powered wand at, is now running Google's latest mobile OS. During an Engadget Show visit last month, Qualcomm reps told us that the device will support Android 4.0, but we weren't expecting a port quite so soon, considering Liquid won't ship until next spring. The company says it's working "rigorously" to get ICS optimized not only for the S4, but for other Snapdragon processors as well. Click through the gallery below for an early look.%Gallery-141645%