Intel and LG deal brings WiDi streaming to HDTVs without the dongle

Intel's Wireless Display tech has promised to pull together properly equipped laptops and nearby HDTV screens since its debut last year, but until now always required an extra add-on for the TV side of the equation. That will change next year, thanks to an agreement by the chipmaker with LG promising its Cinema 3D Smart TV line will be the first ones with WiDi built right in. Just like it does with existing dongles, compatible devices can stream content (including HDCP protected video like DVDs and Blu-rays, as of Sandy Bridge) to the display while displaying something different on their own screen, and don't require an active WiFi or internet setup to make it all happen. The press release (included after the break) promises demonstrations next month at CES, while some manufacturers like Philips have included similar technology, we'll see if this becomes a standard feature.

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LG and Intel Collaborate on Intel WiDi to Enhance Content
Accessibility of CINEMA 3D Smart TVs

SEOUL, Dec. 15, 2011 –- LG Electronics (LG) and Intel entered into a strategic alliance to adopt and jointly promote Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi) technology. Intel WiDi will be embedded into next year's LG CINEMA 3D Smart TVs, making them the first in the TV industry to feature Intel WiDi technology. Intel WiDi is a wireless connectivity interface which allows for instant, high-definition viewing of content stored in notebooks and other external mobile devices on large screen TVs, projectors or monitors.

"Through this strategic alliance, CINEMA 3D Smart TV users will be able to access a wider variety of content in a more convenient manner," said Seog-ho Ro, Senior Vice President of LG Home Entertainment Company's TV Business Unit. "Intel WiDi will be one of several features that will enhance the user convenience of our CINEMA 3D Smart TVs, further differentiating our products from the competition."

"Intel is planning to expand Intel WiDi technology to various devices to provide consumers the seamless, smarter usage experience," said Hee-Sung Lee, Country Manager of Intel Korea. "Through this collaboration with LG Electronics, LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV users could also benefit from Intel® WiDi without the need to purchase an external adapter."

Intel WiDi not only enables sharing of stored content, it also transfers onto CINEMA 3D Smart TVs, projectors and monitors a spectrum of online contents –- such as YouTube videos and streaming TV shows from broadcast websites -– that are accessible through notebooks and other mobile devices. Users can view such contents through the expansive and immersive high-definition CINEMA 3D display.

Like wired connectivity standards, such as HDMI and USB cables, Intel WiDi does not require an active wireless internet or WiFi connection to transfer content between external mobile devices and CINEMA 3D Smart TVs. Intel WiDi establishes a direct connection between the WiFi chips embedded in the external mobile devices and the CINEMA 3D Smart TVs.

Furthermore, Intel WiDi does not tie down the mobile device during real-time content sharing. Users may perform other tasks on their notebooks and tablet PCs while simultaneously streaming content to a CINEMA 3D Smart TV, projector or monitor.

LG and Intel would undertake co-marketing activities and Intel WiDi-enabled LG CINEMA 3D products will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next month in Las Vegas.