Tango adds voicemail-esque Video Messaging, gives you new way to ignore friends

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Tango adds voicemail-esque Video Messaging, gives you new way to ignore friends
Picture this: you roll out of bed, in all your ungroomed glory, and an important video call rings in on your smartphone -- what do you do? Miss the call, or subject the caller to your lopsided bedhead and pre-coffee grimace? If you route your video calls through Tango, soon you won't have to do either -- the outfit is updating its video calling service to introduce Video Messaging, a new feature that will let callers leave behind 30-second video clips when their hails go unanswered. Your five most recent video messages are free, but watching older clips costs a premium: $2.99 for 30 days of access, or $29.99 for a year Update: Tango will charge $0.99 for every 5 additional messages. Tango will also be introducing "Tango Surprises," a collection of animations and overlays that can be applied to videos to add a touch of whimsy. Again, the first taste is free -- all users will be given a single animation as a sample -- the entire set of "Surprises" can be purchased for paltry sum of $1.99. The update hasn't cleared Apple's approval process yet, but if you're hankering for a peek, head past the break for a pair of videos.

Update: Tango has updated us, stating that the previously listed prices were incorrect, and that they are being changed to comply with Apple guidelines.

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