Fusion Garage's website goes dark -- has it bitten the dust? (update: it's back?)

Perhaps it's the comeback that wasn't meant to be -- Fusion Garage has apparently silenced its radios for over a week on Twitter, and more than a month on Facebook. Potentially worse, its website is now unreachable, displaying only a "Database connection error." Although its Grid10 tablet was set for a delayed October 1st release, some folks over at The JooJoo Forum and on Fusion Garage's Facebook page are reporting that they've yet to receive their tabs, weeks after placing orders.

We've fielded more than a few concerned tips saying the same, and sadly, that's just the tip of this iceberg, as there's also been mention of slow correspondence from the company, with wishy-washy responses about what's going on. One forum poster mentions eventually hearing back from its public relations agency -- this after contacting FG for order details -- with an indication that a refund is on the way.

We've reached out for an official comment but received nothing but silence. That said, we're hearing we aren't the only ones having a hard time getting in contact with Fusion Garage's executives, leaving us with a sinking suspicion that there will be no third go 'round for the house that Chandra built. Ordered a Grid10 yourself, or still waiting on your free JooJoo replacement? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

Update: We have a comment from Fusion Garage's PR agency:

Unfortunately, none of our efforts have resulted in any communication from the company to the customers. Given all of this, we don't have any other choice but to cease working with FG effective tomorrow.

Update 9:50AM ET (12/18): Thanks to Josh in the comments who has noticed that Fusion Garage's website is live again, albeit barely breathing. It's devoid of anything other than scattered pictures and text, and notably, its "Store" is all but unreachable. Rest assured, we'll let you know if we hear any new developments from the parties involved.

Update 10:57PM ET (12/18): Fusion Garage's store is back up, but orders aren't exactly open. Clicking through to any given product's page shows the message "We are running out of stock. Thank you." [Thanks, Liam]

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]