Apple reportedly discussing its 'vision for the future of TV' with media execs

We wouldn't bet the farm on those "Apple is building an HDTV" rumors just yet, but tonight the Wall Street Journal reports the company is still interested invading the living room in a real way, based on "vague" talks with media executives. That vision includes a TV that packs wireless streaming with AirPlay to deliver TV shows and movies as well as technology it's developed to tie-in DVR storage and iCloud, but also focuses on personalized, synchronized access across other devices including phones and tablets. Naturally, voice and gesture recognition are mentioned, although the reports indicate Apple itself is staying cagey about what devices it's working on and that it hasn't tried to license content for any new products -- yet. Getting media and telecommunications companies to play ball with any solution will be the key (just ask CBS why it turned down Apple once before) to making this all go -- or at least beating efforts by Google and Microsoft to the punch -- so there will likely be more boardroom leaks before we find out exactly what hardware plans may be in store.