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Ford's Focus Electric hits the production line, could be yours in January

After waiting eleven months just to profess your intent, what's another two before taking delivery of your Focus Electric? That's right, electric hatchback lovers, your pre-ordered chariots just went into production and will be rolling out of Ford's Michigan plant come January. Despite the looming delivery, the automaker has yet to reveal its official range. AutoBlog Green muses that with its 23-kWh pack it'll probably be good for about 70 miles -- comparable to its slightly cheaper competition, the Nissan Leaf, which eked out 73 miles from its 24-kWh juice box in official testing. Will Ford spill the beans before CES 2012? Definitively maybe, but in the meantime hit the source to see a bevy of snaps from the production line -- go on, with some luck it might just be yours.