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Galaxy Nexus users reporting touchscreen trouble, lower scores in multitouch games (video)

Looks like the honeymoon is ending a little early for some Galaxy Nexus users -- a pair of RootzWiki threads say that the device is struggling to maintain multitouch in some situations. Apparently the bug is repeatable, booting up a multitouch game like Gun Brothers or Shadow Gun will put the lower right hand portion of the smartphone's touchscreen in a finicky mood. We gave the glitch a go on a couple of different handsets, and were indeed thwarted by the touchscreen's tantrum. Turning the Nexus' screen on and off seems to fix the problem -- at least until you jump into your next game -- and the bug only seems to appear when the device is in landscape mode. This is likely a software bug, but until it's fixed, we'll just have to take it one touch at a time. Don't have a Nexus? See the glitch in action after the break.

[Thanks, Jim]