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Nexus ninjas return in retro game, give you the skills to perform your own epic unboxing

Tiny box destroying shinobi? Old hat. Fourth wall obliterating martial masters? Passe. The future of ninjitsu based phone unboxings will be found in the past: Google's gone 8-bit. Continuing in its tradition of out doing every possible Nexus unboxing the internet could ever hope to bear, El Goog has crafted a retro beat-'em-up game that puts you in the Nexus ninja's mask. Your mission? Secure and unbox the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The game is playable directly on YouTube, but is also available in the Android Market under the title Clash of The Nexus Ninjas -- in case you've already performed your own unboxing. If you haven't? Hit the source link below to begin your training.