Nook Tablet update closes sideloading loophole, lacks holiday spirit

Remember all that extra functionality your Nook Tablet used to have? Well, that's what memories are there for. The recently-released Nook 1.4.1 firmware update apparently prevents the Nook Tablet from installing Android apps from non-Barnes & Noble sources. As a result, the unit is confined to the roughly 2,000 apps available through B&N's app store (many of which are priced higher than their Android Market equivalents). This lockdown has already been performed on the Nook Color and trying to sideload a new title will pop up a warning that only apps from the Nook store can be installed on the device. At least it appears that third-party apps already on the tablet will continue to run and there's always the hope of a custom ROM that could reenable the feature on Christmas morning.