OnStar ready to flaunt LTE Skype-enabled system on GM rides

Last year at CES, OnStar wasn't too shy about teasing its partnership with Verizon that would assist in bringing applications like YouTube, Wikipedia and Skype to your vehicle. At that point, though, it was just an idea. Fast forward to next year's iteration of the Consumer Electronics Show and that's turned into a reality. It's safe to say that Skyping-and-driving wouldn't be the best of ideas, but fortunately the system will keep you from making that mistake by only running when your car is immobile -- so don't make any plans to call your friends to tell them how fast you're going. Your kids, or other backseat passengers, won't be too worried since they'll be able to take full advantage of all the gimmicks; including the aforementioned, video streaming and the usual Angry Birds frolic. The in-car system is set to be shown on Volt and Cadillac models, and OnStar has said that there's more deets to be unveiled -- you'll just have to wait until we head to Vegas to find out.