Dropbox knows you're an early adopter, gives you a sneak peek of its new Android app

Dropbox knows it's not the only cloud storage option for Android, so the company is handing out an early Christmas present to get more green bots on board with its services: early access to its unreleased Android app. This new version, along with the usual debugging, adds a flood of fresh new features such as: bulk uploads, single-tap access to content and speedy offline entry to your favorites folder, just to mention a few. Fret not, newly minted Nexus owners, the cloud locker service isn't staying away from the creamery -- the application offers full ICS optimization, which is great news for all current and future adopters of the sugary OS. We know you love pre-released bits, so if you think you can handle it, the source link below has a download waiting for you.

Update: Dropbox has released it to the Market, so just hit update to grab the latest version or check out the official blog for more details.