MOTOACTV torn down and rooted, turned into a tablet for ants


Chris Wade, the intrepid dev behind the DingleBerry PlayBook hack, has turned his attention to new device. One that occupies the exact opposite end of the size spectrum -- the MOTOACTV. The man started poking around inside the Android-powered sports watch, actually tearing it open and splaying its innards across his palm for all of us to see. Under the hood he discovered an OMAP 3630 clocked at 600MHz and 256MB of RAM. Then he put the whole thing back together and the real fun began. Wade managed root the underlying Gingerbread platform and turn it from a GPS tracker to 1.6-inch tablet by sideloading the stock Honeycomb launcher. Wade even managed to bless the tiny device with Market access, allowing him to install a certain title featuring a flock of furious fowl. You'll find a few more photos in the gallery below and a video of the hacked up sports watch cum micro-tablet after the break. If you're looking to create your own super-charge Android wristwear hit up the source link for instructions from the so-called "bad boy of IT."