Tetris played on microscopic level with lasers, thanks to Amsterdam's rigorous curriculum (video)

Ostensibly speaking, it appears that university goers in the Netherlands have a bit too much time on their hands. You see, in between visits to coffee shops, students at VU University Amsterdam have developed a way to play Tetris with lasers, or in this case, a light-trapping device known as optical tweezers. With blocks constructed of microscopic glass spheres, university physicist Joost van Mameren explains, "The focus of this beam acts as an attraction point for small particles: they get sucked into the focus and cannot escape." The end result is transformed into a rousing experience of the Soviet Union's greatest creation ever, now played out on the microscopic level -- be sure to check the action after the break. For gamers who get in a bit of a jam, the laser can be turned off, which will prompt each of the beads to scatter into chaos. A fitting conclusion, indeed.