Airtight brings Apple's Airplay to your Google TV, makes Cupertino and Mountain View play nice

We've seen Airplay work its way into Android phones thanks to apps before, but what if you want to reverse the equation? What if you want to stream not from, but to a dessert-flavored player. Well, it's little more than a proof of concept at the moment, but Airtight does just that -- turns your Google TV into an Airplay-compatible receiver. You'll obviously have to be running the latest OS update to enable Market access, and the you'll pay $0.99 for the privilege of tinkering with the still rather rough app. For the moment there is no support for streaming music (only videos), anything with DRM is won't play and mirroring is but a dream. But, it works, and that's all that matters... right? Hit up the source link for more details and to purchase it now.