Gamer drops $16,000 on Age of Wulin virtual sword

Age of Wulin - auction winner

Quick, what's the most you've ever paid for an MMO microtransaction? If you said $16,000, you might be the guy in the photo above. The Escapist reports that this unnamed gamer dropped a huge chunk of change for a virtual sword exclusive to Age of Wulin, an upcoming free-to-play sandpark MMO from Snail Games.

He wasn't alone in throwing large sums of money at an unreleased game, as the devs also auctioned off a spear sheath for $2,500 and something called a Hook of Departure for $1,600.

Age of Wulin is currently undergoing a Chinese beta test, and gPotato has plans to bring the game to European audiences sometime in the future.