Elpida starts shipments of next-gen Wide IO Mobile RAM

Tablets might be all sexy curves and Gorilla Glass, but it's what's on the inside that counts, right? Efficient DRAM mightn't set your heart alight, but Elpida Memory did just start shipping its next generation 30nm "Wide IO Mobile RAM." The firm claims it uses 50 percent less power compared with equivalent DDR2 sticks, letting you caress your beloved device for longer. This economy is thanks to it purring along at just 200MHz, which is even more impressive when you consider it brags a 12.8 GB/s data rate per chip. This pumped, yet frugal, performance comes courtesy of using x512-bit data width -- some ten times larger than that of existing DRAMs. The party doesn't stop there, with the Elpida also debuting its LPDDR3 chip, brushing aside LPDDR2 with twice the data rates at 6.4GB/s a slice, and a 25 percent smaller power-drain in tow. Mass production should commence in 2012, check the source link for the full break-down.