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Sphero available for pre-orders now


We got to see Sphero, the remote-controlled ball toy controlled by an iOS device, way back at the beginning of this year at CES, and if you're still interested, it's now finally available for pre-order. The toy's been priced out at $129.99, which is a little high, I think, but then again if you really want to be the early adopter on this one, it's probably worth the cash. Plus, the ball will come with six different apps, including Sphero Drive (the standard remote control app), Sphero Golf, Sphero Blox (where you can set up commands for the ball), and SpheroCam, which will give recordable access to the onboard camera. The company is also promising a puzzle game called Chromo, and an app called "Sphero World," which makes the whole experience social by combining information and results with others around the world.

When you talk about all of that functionality, that price isn't too bad, actually. The company says Sphero is shipping as soon as December of this year, so if you've been waiting to get your hands on this thing, the wait is almost over. You can pre-order directly from the Orbotix store, and we're told it should be on Amazon soon.

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