Ask Ziggy: the Windows Phone 7 counter to Apple's Siri (video)

Ask Ziggy has actually been on the Windows Store for right around a fortnight, but there's an updated version hitting soon that brings an astounding amount of Siri-ness to Microsoft's own Windows Phone 7 platform. Developed by Shai Leib, the app is a free (and even ad-free) program that can "translate human speech into transcribed text." According to Leib, the text is then "analyzed for patterns to detect commands or general queries, while commands are interpreted and routed to routine phone tasks such as emailing, texting, calling, social network updates, and getting directions." If you're asking a more generic question, the app uses a hodgepodge of technologies and web searches to find the answer, and we're told that "several passes may be required to find a concise answer." Still, what's shown on the video just past the break is impressive -- particularly for a gratis app from a single Earthling -- and you can expect the latest edition to pop up in the Store within the next couple of days. Just don't ask it if it's hot for Siri, okay?

[Thanks, Alex]