ASUS Eee PC Flare leaked ahead of CES, AMD and Intel models promised

Choosing is hard. And in the case of ASUS' forthcoming netbook line, totally not necessary. Just days after Intel snuck out details surrounding the next generation of its Atom line, out flows shots and information about what'll undoubtedly be one of the first next-gen netbooks to use 'em. The Eee PC Flare line is expected to supplant the long-standing Seashell range at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, with a smattering of models to be lining ASUS' booth. Outside of lively, sleeker exteriors, we're told to expect models with the new N2600 and N2800 Atom CPU line, a 12-incher powered by AMD's Fusion APU line and the token chiclet-style keyboard that we've all grown used to. It's also possible that we'll see revised 10-inchers alongside the big boys, with the 1225B, 1225C, 1025C and 1025CE named in particular. Naturally, we'll be bringing you more as we get it. Oh, and "netbooks are back, baby!"