ASUS Transformer Prime sees v8.8.3.33 OTA update, GPS and performance improved

For as much grief as ASUS is getting for its Transformer Prime, we're actually kind of surprised it's throwing the masses any bones at all. 'Course, one might say that having a riled-up customer base is better than having no customer base at all. Regardless of all that, a relatively small v8.8.3.33 update is purportedly hitting select Prime tablets today, with the over-the-air update bringing improved focus on the camera, bolstered touchscreen performance and enhanced GPS speed. Unfortunately, that last one seems to be nothing more than the automatic enabling of WiFi to "download satellite location information," but hey -- that's one less step for you, right?. As with all updates, we'd caution against installing this one if you're already working with some homegrown firmware, but everyone else should be welcoming the new bits and bytes with open arms.