Engadget: now available in Google Currents!

Here at Engadget, we like to live in this wild, ever-changing world called "The Internet." Last month, Google launched yet another branch for internet dwellers to explore, and explore we have. We're happy to say that you can now find each and every Engadget post within Google Currents, a Flipboard-esque reader that nicely formats your favorite websites for magazine-style enjoyment. We'll be working on tweaking the experience based on feedback received, and we certainly hope you'll have a gander if you're already building out your subscriptions.

Engadget Distro

Engadget in Editions

Engadget on your TV

Currents is available for both iOS and Android platforms, and while Google's limiting the official downloads to accounts based in America, there's a decent chance you can use Google's own search engine to find an APK to sideload. Give it a look if you're clamoring for a more subtle design (just hit 'Add' and look in the Science & Tech category), and while you're at it, have a gander at Engadget Distro, too. Enjoy! %Gallery-142361%