PlayStation Vita shown running Sega Genesis titles (video)

Still mulling whether or not to pick yourself up a PlayStation Vita? Obsessed with retro gaming titles? If you answered "yes" to both, you should probably start socking away a few extra coins, buster. YouTube user frwololo has just upped a video showcasing the Half Byte Loader running the Picodrive emulator on Sony's PS Vita -- the first major proof that this kind of wizardry is indeed a possibility. The nuts and bolts of how it happened are being kept under wraps for now, and he seems certain that Sony's inbuilt security will make the mod unusable as soon as it's released. That said, there's still a lot of hope to be found in the clip just after the break, and c'mon -- who doesn't need a little hope to kick off a year where we're all supposed to perish?