Red's Scarlet-X 4K camera gets video review: you've never needed $11,700 so badly

Native 4K recording? Check. A built-for-war body? You bet. Backordered despite a downright shocking $11,700 price tag? Most certainly. As with Red's prior products, the Scarlet-X seems to be wowing just about every shooter lucky enough to come into contact with one. Luck for you, the folks over at Cinema5D have spent an inordinate of amount of time with this beast in order to deliver the full skinny on whether it's worth the price (and wait). We won't bother spoiling any conclusions for you, but if you've been toying with the idea of blowing your (and your SO's) bonus on one of these in a bid to start your own movie house, there's a vid just after the break that deserves your attention.