Eldar Murtazin gives RIM six months to win back customers, says Nokia is selling its soul to Microsoft

Murtazin is a guy well known for scoring handsets way ahead of even their debut showing. He also has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what mobile companies are plotting -- sometimes. He's a guy worth listening to, especially for his often outspoken views on company failings. In his latest (lengthy) editorial, Eldar Murtazin takes umbrage with two companies that have weathered a tricky 2011; RIM and Nokia. He reckons that the BlackBerry makers have around six to eight months to convince people and the markets that there's still a future -- a worrying deadline given that we're not expecting to see its OS successor until the second half of 2012. Regardless of when these long-awaited QNX handsets do appear, Murtazin maintains that even if they arrived with the kind of OS that dreams are made of, they are unlikely to recover the ground lost in recent years -- especially on corporate handsets.

However, he saves most of his ire for the Nokia-Microsoft partnership, claiming that Nokia executives have lost their ability to sensibly judge the state of the mobile world. With apparently the "most valued" engineers and developers leaving the good ship Nokia, the shuttering of Nokia's own Ovi sync services are apparently talismanic of a shift closer to Microsoft. Murtazin thinks that Nokia CEO Elop has only two aims while at the helm; to ruin the company's chances of recovering in the mobile market and increasing Microsoft's own share and influence in the same sphere. He also reckons a Microsoft buyout of Nokia is still plausible, and while we're sure you've been reading Eldar's missives with a hefty side of salt, it would make for an even more interesting 2012.