Kyobo eReader receives initial review, comes up short despite Mirasol display

If one of your e-reader's components is great but the rest of the device is lacking, where does that leave you? The first review of the Kyobo eReader has arrived and while its Qualcomm-provided Mirasol screen is lauded, that's about it for the good news. Despite the snazzy 5.7-inch touchscreen combined with 1Ghz SnapDragon CPU, WiFi and Android 2.3.5, the package falls apart due to its inability to load apps, subpar battery life and long load times. The reading app crashed frequently during testing, the device was unable to load DRM-protected ebooks even after authorizing with Adobe DE, the reader displays EPUB formats incorrectly, PDF view controls proved poor and YouTube video playback proved slow and stilted. Still, the page turn speed proved slightly faster than that of the Kindle Touch, so why harp on the negatives?