Mimbo the iPhone robot will smile for you, still doesn't get your 'Seinfeld' references

This here is Mimbo. He's the kindly sort. Smile and Mimbo smiles back. Sure, others in his place might let their cardboard bodies, iPhone faces and all of the male bimbo jokes stand in the way of having a good time. Not Mimbo. The happy little 'bot uses facial recognition to generation a corresponding emotion on that cardboard-wrapped iPhone head of his. His face is composed of four LEDs for eyes, an empty label eyelid and a mouth made from a multifader, all created using TouchOSC. And using facial tracking via a program like FaceOSC, little Mimbo can mimic your expressions. Check out the 'bot in a video after the break and find out how to manufacture your own Mimbo at home in the source link below.